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The Scale August 18, 2010

Filed under: Opinion — jessfindsbalance @ 12:59 pm

For many years, I had a love-hate relationship with the scale. I used to weigh myself weekly (or at least I planned to) and was enslaved to the number the scale would reveal. I would get so excited for my weekly weigh-in when I knew I’d had a “good” week. If I thought I’d had a “bad” week, I avoided the scale. “I’ll just have a good week or two, and THEN I’ll weigh myself,” I would think. This would lead me to a few torturous weeks where I would inevitably set myself up to fail and then push the weigh-in off even further.

I developed unhealthy habits for the day before my weekly weigh-in. I would eat the same foods and try to eat as little as possible the night before so that I would be at my absolute lowest weight possible. For several months, I would wake up several hours before my weigh-in to exercise as hard as I could, and wouldn’t drink any water since I knew that it could influence my weight.

Recently, I decided that I wanted to stop weighing myself for good. I realized that the scale only made me feel anxious and unhappy. The days my weight was lower, I was ecstatic and would usually end up eating more because I felt I had a cushion. The days that my weight was higher, I would be beside myself and would eat to comfort myself. If I anticipated a loss on the scale and the number was actually higher, I immediately felt bad about myself and became pessimistic. This was a bad relationship.

I realized that I don’t need the scale to tell me if I’ve been a little too indulgent with my eating and I also don’t need the scale to tell me if I’ve been eating light, healthfully, and balanced meals and snacks. Besides, I’m tired of letting the number on the scale dictate my moods and define my self-worth. Being happy with my image in the mirror and feeling sexy in whatever outfit I wear are good enough motivators for me to stay motivated to keep eating well and exercising. As a wise person I know has often said, “Why do we let a mindless piece of metal decide for us how good we feel about ourselves?”


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