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Tummy Ache :-( August 18, 2010

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I’ve spent my afternoon either with a bad stomach ache or hungry from not eating much because of said stomach ache. A couple hours after lunch, I finished my oatmeal from my second breakfast and it was quite tasty!

Feeling a bit hungry later, I ate a few roasted eggplant slices that were fresh out of the oven…

…and a small bowl of grapes and cherries.

I’m not sure if I’ll be eating any dinner. Right now I feel like I’m on my death bed 😦

Earlier today, I picked up a few things from Russo’s. For those of you in the Boston area who’ve never heard of Russo’s or have heard of it but have never been, make plans to change that now!

Russo’s is the most wonderful place I know of for foodies. I absolutely love it there! Russo’s in a wholesale produce market that also has its own bakery, deli, and garden center. Dave and I do our fruits and veggies shopping there every week. Not only is the quality and price of the produce better at Russo’s, but they also have a much wider variety than regular supermarkets. If you’re looking for some obscure vegetable for an Asian dish, Russo’s is your place. I’ve never seen so many varieties of honey or vinegars. When I was there today, I saw at least eight different varieties of eggplant. I didn’t even know there were that many! Here are a few pictures I took during my shopping trip today:

Hopefully I’ll be back to my normal self tomorrow morning…


One Response to “Tummy Ache :-(”

  1. Margeee Says:

    Hope you’re feeling better this morning. The ‘my two cents’ section is a hit with me. I’m assuming you’ve worked on those pieces over time. Lots of good info in there.

    Pics of Russo’s are awesome. Makes me want tomatoes.

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