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Back On My Feet! August 19, 2010

Filed under: Food — jessfindsbalance @ 9:16 am

Good morning. I’m feeling so much better this morning! Even though I didn’t get much sleep (I didn’t feel well enough to lie down until after 1 in the morning! I usually am out like a light by 10 or 11 at the absolute latest), I did get about 7 hours of really good sleep. It’s the best kind of medicine there is!

Last night after my stomach calmed down a bit, I managed to eat some white toast (easier for the stomach to digest) and a banana. Even though my stomach wasn’t so happy, I did need to eat something.

I woke up feeling really hungry this morning, which I take to me a good sign. I made myself a tasty breakfast that I thought would be easy on my stomach: whole wheat toast with a smearing of Maranatha peanut butter, sliced banana, and cinnamon.

I forgot to mention yesterday some of the BEST news I’ve heard in a long long time. Dave and I got married in August of last year but didn’t have the disc of images we had been promised. Apparently, our photographer went through a nasty divorce and custody battle over her kid. Eek! We didn’t even see our pictures until this past spring but we could only get prints if we purchased them at $8 a pop. No thanks. We had been waiting and sending letters (even one that we consulted a lawyer for) and we FINALLY heard the other day that we were going to be getting a disc with all our images. Hooray! I’ll be sure to sort through them and post some more for your viewing pleasure 🙂

In other good news, today is my first day with my iPhone. I activated it last night after midnight (today is the first day I was able to activate it) and can’t wait to play more with it. It’s name is Big Wes and was christened by my sister Hilary, who calls me Wes (it rhymes with Jess. I can explain more later…)

I’ve decided to take the day off from the gym just to let me stomach and body get 100% better. I haven’t had a rest day since Saturday, so I’m about due anyway. I’m headed off to school to set up my classroom and then run some errands before heading home to relax. I haven’t played the piano since Monday and I’m missing it!


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