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A Good Night’s Sleep At Last! August 20, 2010

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Good morning! I finally got my requisite 8+ hours of sleep, which I’ve been in dire need of this week. All my excitement about and creative energy going into the blog has acted like a five red bulls and I’ve had a hard time falling asleep. I feel much more refreshed this morning and ready to take on the world!

I did wake up with a bit of a migraine, though. I suffer from chronic migraines, which aren’t nearly as painful as episodic migraines. I tend to get a dull headache that lasts for days or even weeks on end, as opposed to the ones that come every once in a while with pain so bad that it makes me want to cry. I’ve been seeing a neurologist who specializes in women and headaches and we’ve been working together to get me on the right medicines so I can live pain-free. I am in so much less pain than I used to be, but still get headaches from time to time. Anyway, I took some medicine and am feeling better already! (If you also suffer from headaches and live in the Boston area, I’d be happy to give you the name of my savior [i.e. neurologist].)

Anyway, I made my go-to pre-run breakfast this morning: whole wheat toast, topped with almond butter, banana slices, and cinnamon. And decaf iced coffee, of course 🙂

Everyone has their own pre-run fuel and what’s most important is that you know what works for you. The last thing you want is your breakfast sitting in your stomach like a brick.

I also wanted to write a quick review of my knives. For our wedding, Dave and I wanted to register for some really good quality knives and consulted Bed, Bath & Beyond’s knife guru. He recommended the Calphalon Katana series. We have been so happy with them! They are made of Japanese steel and keep their edge for a very long time. It makes chopping, slicing, and dicing a piece of cake.

If you are in the market for new knives, I highly recommend them, although they are pricey. Even still, we know that we will have these for a while and that they are some of the best quality knives out there.

I’m headed out for an 8 mile run and then meeting Dave for a picnic lunch. The forecast is sun and good temps in Boston!

What kitchen gadget can’t you live without?


One Response to “A Good Night’s Sleep At Last!”

  1. Mitzi Says:

    I am completely in love with my Chef’n palm peeler! I have a bad habit of cutting myself with sharp kitchen utensils, especially peelers, which are capable of taking off nasty chunks of skin (ouch!) This is not only a great peeler, but it’s REALLY hard to cut yourself with it!

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