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Don’t Be Afraid of Hunger August 20, 2010

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I had an awesome run today! I paced myself so that I was feeling great the entire time. I actually crossed the path of a guy who looked like this:


Okay, maybe it wasn’t a boa constrictor, just a little garden snake. This actually isn’t the first wild animal I’ve seen on a run. My two most interesting encounters included a coyote and a beaver!

8 miles with an average pace of 10:15 minute miles! I finished in a little over 80 minutes. I actually had to run around my block a couple times to get to 8.0 miles even.

After runs, I’m generally not hungry for a long time. I used to think, “I just ran x number of miles, I OBVIOUSLY need to eat something!” In the last few months, I’ve transformed my thinking to rely on my body to tell me what it needs and when it needs it. I used to be so afraid of hunger and would eat just to make sure I never got hungry. To tell you the truth, hunger isn’t really as scary as I thought it would be. I’m not advocating waiting to eat until you’re absolutely starving and ready to snarf down everything in sight, but waiting until your stomach is grumbling. I’ve found that when I eat when I’m actually hungry, food tastes way better. On the flip side, I’ve noticed that when I make a habit of eating when I’m not hungry, I feel fake hunger a lot more. So my advice to you? If you’re someone who’s afraid of hunger, it’s really not as scary as you think! Try waiting until you’re really hungry and I promise that it won’t be apocalyptic.

Lunch today was a light and tasty salad with these ingredients:

  • spinach
  • tomatoes
  • red onion
  • cucumber
  • mushroom
  • bell pepper
  • fat free feta (an awesome Trader Joe’s find)
  • lentils (pre-cooked from Trader Joe’s)
  • 2 falafel balls (Veggie Patch brand)

I love these store-bought falafel balls!

Trader Joe’s pre-cooked lentils add some easy iron to this girl’s non-meat eating diet:

Topped with Annie’s Goddess dressing. Delicious!

I met Dave at work today and we went to a park around the corner from his office for a picnic lunch. We’ve had a few picnics this summer and I’ll truly miss them. We laid out our picnic blanket, ate lunch, and relaxed together in the shade. It was such a lovely afternoon with temps in the low 80s, not a cloud in the sky, and a nice breeze.

Looking forward to enjoying the rest of my afternoon.
What are your plans for this Friday?


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