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Triumphant Return to Body Pump? August 24, 2010

Filed under: Food — jessfindsbalance @ 7:28 am

I’m going to attempt my summer Tuesday routine today: a spinning class and body pump. I haven’t been to body pump in over a week! I’m so tired of not feeling myself and just want to be back to normal already. We’ll see how it goes!

Last night after I posted, I ate a can of chicken soup with some white toast and homemade white tortilla chips. Easy on the stomach and still tasty!

Breakfast today is an oldie but goodie: my favorite pre-workout banana and cinnamon on whole wheat toast.

With some decaf Secret Dreams coffee, too. It has flavors of chocolate, coconut, nuts, caramel and vanilla. I love my Barnie’s Coffee!

I’m running a ton of errands after the gym today, so I’m bringing this along in case I get hungry:

Be back later for lunch!


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