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Pretty in Pink August 27, 2010

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My 9-miler was a success! The first couple miles, my asthma was acting up, but after settling into my pace, I felt better. (Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have kept going if it were really bad!) I ended up running a little over 9 miles in 1:33, averaging about a 10:20 minute per mile pace. One thing that I love about running is the mind-body connection: It requires so much pep-talking to get yourself through more challenging parts. When I first started running last winter, it definitely was not easy, but by becoming my own cheerleader and sticking with it, I’ve found that I really enjoy hitting the pavement on a nice day like today.

For part of the run, I was on a trail that parallels the Charles River. I love it because it seems so secluded and it feels like you aren’t even in a city. Who wouldn’t want to spend time here???

(I took these with my iPhone – sorry if they’re not the best quality)
I came home and was hungry for a snack. I dug into the edamame guacamole I made yesterday and used Kashi Original 7 Grain crackers for scooping. I am definitely making this recipe again!

Dave and I had plans to meet for a picnic at the park near his office, where we’ve gone a few times this summer. I had a couple ingredients in my fridge that I wanted to use up before they went bad. I decided that a vegetarian curried dish sounded perfect.

First, I sauteed some chopped onion, zucchini, summer squash and finely chopped jalapeno in a bit of olive oil.

Then, I added leftover grilled sweet potato wedges, chopped carrots and roasted eggplant to the pan. I let that all cook until it was heated through. Next, I threw in some canned diced tomatoes (juices and all) and lentils and let it cook for a bit.

I also added a couple handfuls of spinach and stirred the mixture until the leaves were wilted.

Curry powder, ginger and chili powder for flavor. I also added some salt and pepper to make sure I could taste all the flavors well.

Finished product:

I served it over brown rice. This meal was so delicious and easy! If I had been home, I would have topped it with plain greek yogurt, but since I was traveling, I thought it’d be best to just eat it as it was.

Sliced peach and blueberries for dessert! The peaches I bought this week could easily be the best peaches I’ve ever had. So juicy and sweet!

Dave & I had a nice picnic lunch. Isn’t this park adorable?!

I’ll miss our summer picnics!

After dropping Dave off at work, I headed over to my pedicure. As always, I went with pink. It’s just my color!

We have plans to go into Boston tonight for dinner with Dana and Greg. See you later for dinner!


8 Responses to “Pretty in Pink”

  1. RJ Says:

    Jess you have really cute toes! beautiful actually, kinda hot 😉

  2. Jon Says:

    Would love to see those long smooth feet wrapped around my hardness stroking till i shot all over those perfect pink toes!

  3. Paul Says:

    Omg i wanna suck on each of those long sexy toes and feel that gorgeous toe hair in my mouth! Then i wanna rip your toe hair out with my teeth and chew on it and swallow it! You are soo fucking hot Jess!

  4. Ron Says:

    I jerk off to your Pretty in Pink toes alllll the time!!! You make me cum so hard Jess!!!

  5. Ron Says:

    Omg i just came again so hard to your pink hairy toes!! I wanna watch you lick my cum off of those sexy long toes Jess. Im getting hard again thinking about it! Such a sexy woman i wanna fuck you and your feet so bad!!

  6. Ron Says:

    God i love those hairy feet and toes of yours!! Id love a reverse footjob so i could feel those foot hairs rubbing on my cock! Wanna feel that toe hair on my tongue, cum all over your feet then stare in your eyes while you massage my cum into your toes like lotion!

  7. Ron Says:

    I want to sit wit you after a workout and smell your feet in your socks together. Then we taste your socks a little. Slowly peel your wet socks off and breathe deeply as we both masturbate and look in each others eyes. Watch you clean your feet with your tongue and shoot all over that gorgrous face!

  8. Ron Says:

    Jess im stroking myself right now… imagining cumming on your soles and watching the cum slowly drip down. Then we lick it all up together, kiss and feel my cum in our mouths!

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