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TGIT September 2, 2010

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While it stinks that we started school before Labor Day, we are lucky to have both tomorrow and Monday off! So, instead of the usual TGIF, today it’s TGIT. I had the brilliant idea last night to use the air conditioned room on my floor to teach in today and oh was it marvelous. For the last three days, all that we’ve been capable of conversing about is how hot and miserable we are. I barely spent any time in my classroom (it was already 87 degrees when I got there at 7 this morning and 93 degrees when I left, despite the fact that there had been so few bodies in there today) and my body and head were thankful for it! People are always shocked when I tell them that we don’t have air conditioning, but I’m shocked that it doesn’t make more sense to them. AC = $$$ for a public school district!

Confession: today was not a good eating day. This afternoon, I just felt the chocolate/cheese/anything-with-fat-and-carbohydrate cravings hit me like a brick wall and boy were they persistent! I’ve been doing such a good job resisting but today my willpower caved. I’m not going to go into what I ate, since I’m putting it past me. I can say that part of it is due to exhaustion, proven by the fact that once I got home, I laid down on my couch to read and passed out for an hour. It was also caused by the very clean month of eating and the fact that I’m still restricting my eating to an extent. I am on my way to learning how to eat in moderation though, which I’m proud of! None of this is helped by the fact that I’m PMSing, too…

Anyway, once I recovered from my overeating episode, Dave and I went out for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes pizza, a Neapolitan pizza joint close to our house. This is my favorite place to go for pizza (outside of Italy, of course).

Sweet Tomatoes Pizza takes a different approach to pizza: traditional red sauce is replaced by chopped, uncooked tomatoes, while the oil-free dough is rolled very thin, producing a thin-crust pizza with surprising heft. (Source)

Their pizza is delicious but light at the same time. I love how the chopped tomatoes gives it a fresher taste and that they don’t use too much cheese. We got the Veggie Garden pizza with mozzarella, onions, bell pepper, mushrooms and broccoli. As always, it was delicious.

I had this times two.

No, I probably didn’t need to eat two pieces of pizza, but I psychologically needed two pieces to call it dinner. I know, I need to get out of my head sometimes!

Next, we headed to Cabot’s for our traditional birthday celebratory ice cream treat. Cabot’s is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that is known for its crazy ice cream sundaes! They have an entire menu devoted solely to ice cream, frozen yogurt and ice cream creations.

Since he was the birthday boy, Dave chose Danielle’s choice.

Oh this was as good as it looks!

We demolished it. I must say that there isn’t as much stuff in there as it seems. That glass is pretty thick! Even still, now I have a bit of a sugar coma, but I’ll recover OK 🙂 I’m looking forward to getting my tush to the gym tomorrow and for a light day of eating. I love knowing that the healthy eating is my norm now and that I always look forward to getting back to it when I stray. Off to relax with the hubby!


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