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Chocolate Cake Does Not a Snack Make September 4, 2010

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We had such a nice time out in South Hadley today! My brother-in-law just got a new job working at Mount Holyoke College so the three of them moved out there earlier this summer. This was the first time we got to see their new digs and the surrounding area. It is so beautiful out there! I think I could definitely get used to the slower pace of life and to all of the farm-fresh produce!

When we arrived, Dave’s mom had brought a birthday cake for Ruth and Dave. Even though they are five years apart, their birthdays are only 2 days apart. It’s always nice to celebrate for both of them!

I had a small piece, which would become my snack between lunch and dinner. I also ate one packaged prune about an hour later.

After playing with my very cute 22 month-old niece, we went for a walk on the Mount Holyoke campus. It’s very picturesque and the town itself has the cute old-town feel.

My niece, Mae, and I had fun collecting acorns, too.

We went for an early dinner at a local restaurant, Johnny’s. We got there around 5:45, but I could already feel my blood sugar starting to dip into the *DANGER* zone.

For an appetizer, I had a vegetable dumping with soy dipping sauce.

I didn’t want to eat too much before my dinner came, since  my stomach wasn’t grumbling. But I’m starting to learn that sometimes, hunger doesn’t mean a growling tummy. Sometimes, a surefire sign of hunger is that I get cranky and short-tempered. Tonight was a perfect example! I was not a happy camper and felt like the minutes were passing like hours. Finally, dinner came. I ordered the Harvest Grille wrap, which had artichokes, spinach, tomato and mozzarella with a pesto mayonnaise in a whole wheat wrap. I ordered the pesto mayo on the side so I could control how much went in there.

Garden salad on the side with balsamic dressing.

This would have been a substantial enough dinner if they’re actually put mozzarella in there! It seemed to me like they forgot it, which meant that I was still hungry and still suffering from low blood sugar. It was tasty, though! I also ate some (unpictured) almonds and another prune, since my dinner left me hungry.

Once we got in the car to head home, I ate a couple snacks I’d packed for such an occasion:

A strawberry banana flavored Chobani yogurt

and a Cashew Cookie Larabar.

It took a while for my blood sugar to normalize, but I’m definitely feeling better. Lesson learned: although chocolate cake might leave me feeling satisfied, I need something more for snack for it to keep me feeling at the top of my game!

Later edited to add: I got into a bit of trouble with cereal after the original post, due to the fact that my blood sugar is still out of whack. Here’s to tomorrow being a better day!


2 Responses to “Chocolate Cake Does Not a Snack Make”

  1. chloé Says:

    wow wow wow! I went to mount holyoke for undergrad! I saw the pictures before reading the texts and was like… I know this place! Haha, congrats on your brother-in-law! Moho is especially beautiful in the fall. One of those september nights it will rain really heavy. Then bright red and yellow leaves will cover the entire campus ground the next morning. I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I saw it. 🙂

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