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Immature Girls September 7, 2010

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In addition to teaching history classes at school, I am also responsible for teaching one literature class. We basically read a book and discuss it. This year, I’m reading The Giver by Lois Lowry with my students.



I remember reading it when I was in 7th grade and really enjoying it, so naturally, I was excited to teach it. While prereading the book this weekend, I noticed that they mention nakedness and the main character’s first “stirrings,” or feelings towards another girl. As I was reading, about a thousand different scenarios played themselves out in my head about how I would approach this in class. None of them seemed optimal! When it finally came time to talk about this aspect of the book, it was so awkward for both them and for me! I didn’t even describe anything, but the act of mentioning words like “naked” and “sex” sent them into a fit of giggles. I was surprised to see that the girls were even more immature about it than the boys! Isn’t that the exact opposite of what you would expect?! I guess one thing that being a teacher has taught me is to expect the unexpected!

I wanted to try out my new spin shoes and didn’t feel like waiting until Sunday’s class. I noticed that there was a 5:30 spin class at the gym so instead of heading there after school like I usually do, I instead headed home to make dinner so that it’d be ready when I came back. My afternoon snack was pretty big, since I wasn’t planning on eating closer to 8.

A Key Lime Pie Larabar. It was very yummy, as would be expected!

Carrots and some hummus.

and a Weight Watchers Giant Fudge bar.

I was super excited to be all hard core with my new shoes, but once I got to class, I realized that I also needed clips, which the salespeople I dealt with failed to mention! I guess I’ll have to wait until Sunday to use them. I had also planned on doing a body pump class at 6:30, since I won’t be able to do strength training again until Monday, but I decided that I’d skip it. I am leaving for Connecticut tomorrow evening for Rosh Hashanah and knew that I had to pack and get ready for tomorrow. I figured that it wasn’t worth it to stress myself out by cramming a whole bunch of to-do activities into a two hour period and getting to bed at a reasonable time.

Dinner tonight was a recipe from Eating Well: Warm Lentil & Roasted Red Pepper Salad. The verdict? Eh. I wouldn’t make it again. I didn’t think the dressing flavors went well with the other ingredients, and I found the white wine vinegar to be a bit off-putting.

I ate it with a side of homemade pita chips.

and roasted brussels sprouts fresh out of the oven.

Dessert was a very big and tasty peach.

Off to pack and relax maybe?


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