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Happy New Year! September 10, 2010

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Happy Jewish New Year everyone! We had a really nice time with Dave’s family and a really nice holiday. One thing I really like about  the Jewish holidays is that it allows me to be introspective and reflective of my values. What kind of person do I want to be? How much closer did I come this year to becoming that person? What can I work on this year? I am a very reflective person, but I like that my religion puts a good deal of emphasis on it.

This afternoon, Dave and I played with our niece outside. She’s almost two and loves discovering new things. One of her favorite activities is bubbles and we had a couple good laughs while she tried to blow bubbles. Whenever she tried to blow, she ended up spitting. It was fun watching her run all over the patio to try to catch them. I’m sorry I have no pictures, but her parents preferred that I not post pictures of her. Take my word for it when I say she’s a cutie!

While we were outside, I had a snack of a peach Chobani yogurt with Kashi Heart to Heart Honey Oat cereal.

My mother-in-law’s garden is so pretty!

Busy bees

Dinner tonight was a bit of a repeat of last night’s, but we added two salads: one all-veggie salad and one Caprese salad, made with sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil, topped with balsamic vinegar from Italy!

A slice of broccoli pizza

I had another slice of Bertucci’s pizza on whole wheat crust with tomatoes, mushrooms and bell pepper. I really liked that it had a nice thin crust and not too much cheese. I still don’t feel 100% comfortable taking pictures in Dave’s family’s presence, so I’m sorry I didn’t snap one of this!

For dessert, I ate a(n unpictured) small bunch of milk chocolate-covered popcorn.

Upon arriving at home, I ate a small Gala apple, of which I took a picture, but since I accidentally left the camera cord in the car, you’re just going to have to imagine this one. I also noshed on a couple handfuls of cereal, too.

I did a really great job today of eating balanced, with mostly healthy things and small helpings of dishes I only get to eat once a year on holidays like this.  Even still, I’m excited to get home and for my normal eating to resume. I can’t believe I still have another 2 days off before I have to go back to work! I’m so exhausted. It’s bedtime for this girl!


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