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Pictureless Post September 10, 2010

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Hi everyone! I’m doing a pictureless post for now. With all the company and the formal lunch we had today, I didn’t feel comfortable whipping out my camera. I can give you a report from the two days, though!

When we arrived in Connecticut on Wednesday night, I got into a huge bag of chocolate covered goodies, like potato chips, oreos pretzels and popcorn. I did exercise some restraint, but I definitely didn’t feel guilty about indulging in one of my favorite foods!

Yesterday started off pretty well with two pieces of whole wheat toast, peanut butter, banana and cinnamon. It held me over for several hours, which was nice since it seems like the second I get to synagogue during the High Holidays, my stomach starts grumbling!

We got home and we snacked on apples (the ones we picked on Monday, actually) and some crackers. Dave’s mom made a great meal. Like Thanksgiving, we have a big mid-day meal around 1 or 2 for Rosh Hashanah. We started out with some very yummy matzah ball soup. For the main meal, I ate grilled veggies, some pasta with buckwheat (a Jewish traditional dish, called kasha varnishkas), stuffing and white meat turkey. I had three servings of stuffing – it was just so good!

Dessert came and Dave and I shared a plate of apple pie, vegan chocolate cake (it was gross at first, but it definitely grew on me as I kept eating!) and fruit.

Having that sugar definitely made me crave more sugar. I’m so glad that I’ve made strides in being satisfied with a bit of sugar, but yesterday was a big challenge and I caved. I ate a ton more chocolate covered goodies and other stuff. I took on the mindset of, “Well, I’ve already blown the day, so what else can I eat while I’m at it?” I did get my act together rather quickly and regained control of myself. Dinner was a couple pieces of veggie pizza from a local place called Vito’s. Pizza is just so good!

Today I knew that I wanted to prove to myself that I can a) eat balanced during a holiday (a historic challenge), eating both healthy foods and indulging in dishes I don’t often get to eat, and b) eat well at Dave’s parents’. Since I’m out of my environment where I can control what foods are available, I have often had a lot of difficulty when staying here. They tend to eat a lot of carbs and meat, which as you know is not what I tend to gravitate towards. Out of frustration and a sense of helplessness, I have often gone on an all-out binge for days on end, which just leaves me feeling dejected and physically ill.

I started today off the same way I began yesterday: a breakfast of whole wheat toast (I brought it from home since they don’t keep whole wheat bread in the house) with peanut butter, banana and cinnamon.

I came home from services a bit early and decided to make use of the couple hours I had to go for a run. Running in this area is a double-edged sword; it is so beautiul with lots of paved roads with big shoulders to run on and lots of tall trees for good shade, but there are so many hills that it seems like you’re either going up or down. I did rock an awesome run today, running exactly 6 miles in 57 minutes, including all those hills! My fastest split was 9:14. I’m a happy camper!

For lunch, I ate a chicken breast, grilled veggies and some stuffing. For dessert, I had a a ton of fresh fruit and a couple bites of Dave’s apple pie and marble cake. It’s so nice to know that I can share with him, since I don’t often need an entire slice (even though I could eat an entire slice of pie and cake!)

We’re just hanging out for the afternoon. I think that we are going to head back home after dinner tonight to sleep in our own bed. Last summer Dave and I bought a very nice king-sized mattress, which is so comfortable that I have a hard time sleeping anywhere else now! I do plan on taking pictures of dinner tonight, so your regular programming will return soon 🙂


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