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Fall Flavors September 12, 2010

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With the cooler weather, shorter days and changing leaves, the food my body wants is definitely changing. Salads and iced coffees don’t hold their appeal the way they did just two or three weeks ago. Things I’m currently craving:

1) Pumpkin-flavored anything. I looked in three different supermarkets over the last couple days and could not find any! I need to find some before Yom Kippur is here; I have plans to make my mom’s most delicious pumpkin cake.

2) New fall clothes. (I know this has nothing to do with food, but it’s pretty high up there in terms of my interests!) Why is it that every time the season changes, I stand in front of my wardrobe and fret over having nothing to wear?!

3) Baked fruit, like apples, pears and cranberries. I can’t wait to get my hands on cranberries to make this dish!

4) Tea. Herbal, black, green. As long as it’s hot, I’m in the mod for it!

5) Vegetarian stews. Along those lines, tonight’s dinner was vegetarian meat sauce over pasta. This is one of my favorite recipes!

Here’s how I made it:
First, I saute an onion, several cloves of crushed garlic, a green pepper, a zucchini, one 8 oz. pack of sliced crimini mushrooms and several chopped stalks of celery.

Once that’s soft, I add one 30 oz. can of crushed tomatoes with Italian seasoning, a 14 oz. can of diced tomatoes, chopped carrots, a bag of Morningstar Farms soy crumbles, white wine, tomato paste (~2 tbsp.), 2 bay leaves, Italian seasoning and lots of crushed red pepper flakes. I season with salt and pepper to taste.

After bringing it to a boil, I cover it and let it simmer for at least 1 1/2 hours to let the flavors develop.

Tonight, I served it over whole wheat penne (I measured out 2 oz. of dried pasta to make sure that my portion size was not too big) and sprinkled some parmesan cheese on top.

I’m glad I have lots of leftovers!
For dessert, I had a small bowl of pineapple and grapes.

Rewinding back to earlier today, I spent the afternoon relaxing with my book, playing piano and doing an abs video. This video is so hard! I’m always dying by the time it’s over.

My family room, with the coffee table pushed aside and the piano bench to hold my laptop, makes for the perfect gym space!

I also snacked on some baby carrots with TJ’s white bean and basil hummus.

Dave and I are watching Girl with the Pearl Earring and I have plans to get into bed with my book pretty early. Back to reality tomorrow!


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