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Lunch with Old Friends September 13, 2010

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Happy Monday afternoon! I’m planning on eating my lunch with my coworkers from the last two years in the sixth grade. We have a two day schedule and on one of the days, I have my prep (non-teaching block) during the lunch blocks, so I am free to go eat with them. It’ll be fun to be back with my old friends, although it does feel strange to be there, since I no longer am a 6th grade teacher. I’m definitely not acclimated to the 8th grade, but I’m sticking it out! I generally have an optimistic view of things and I know that it will serve me well in this case, too.

Lunch today is leftovers from yesterday’s Mexican stirfry lunch. There’s some whole wheat couscous underneath and I sprinkled some low fat cheddar cheese on top.

An Asian pear (AKA shinseki apple) for dessert. I’ve never had one before, so I’ll let you know how I like it tonight.

Snacks for today include a vanilla Oikos with Barbara’s Original Puffins cereal, chia seeds and walnuts

and a pluot and a light string cheese.

I have plans to go to the gym after school for a speedwork session and a body pump class. I can’t believe that we’re already almost halfway through the month of September! Where has this year gone?!


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