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Crotchety September 20, 2010

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My body has been so cantankerous and crotchety the last couple days. After yesterday’s failed running attempts, I thought that it was just a fluke and that today would be better. Boy was I wrong! While today’s speedwork was marginally easier, it was still work. I thought that a warm-up on the elliptical for 30 minutes before hitting the treadmill would loosen my legs a bit. I did manage to do 27 minutes and 2.5 miles of speedwork though, so today’s workout was an improvement! Here’s what I did:

  • .25 mile warm-up at 11:00/mile pace
  • .5 miles at 8:20/mile pace
  • .25 mile recovery at 10:00/mile pace
  • .5 miles at 8:10/mile pace
  • .25 mile recover at 10:00/mile pace
  • .25 mile at 7:30/mile pace
  • .25 mile recovery at 10:00/mile pace

I am glad that I managed to finally get in some speedwork. I find that of all my workouts, this is the one I dread the most, but I know that it adds a lot to my running and has really helped my time. When I started running this winter, I was struggling to keep at an 11:00/mile pace, and now on longer runs, I can keep to a 9:15/mile pace! Don’t underestimate the power of the fartlek 🙂

After doing my cardio, I went to body pump, where my body’s protestations continued. I did manage to make it through at the weight I’ve been doing for each track, but did have to skip a couple reps here and there!

I’m really hoping that my body is feeling back to normal tomorrow. Two days off, too much sleep, not enough water, and a different diet on Friday and Saturday did me in. Here’s my action plan that I’ve been following yesterday and today and will keep to until I feel back to normal:

  • drink LOTS of water
  • eat lots of real food (fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins)
  • avoid sugar, artificial sweeteners and other processed foods
  • exercise, but listen to what my body is telling me

I’d planned on doing a long run tomorrow, but I’m thinking on starting with the goal of 6 miles and if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll decide once I’m out there. It’s supposed to be beautiful outside tomorrow, so I’m super excited about spending sometime outdoors while it’s still nice out.

I’m definitely feeling back on the wagon with my eating. I’ve been doing a great job of eating intuitively, paying attention to and respecting my hunger and satiety cues. I’m a big believer in this way of eating as a way to get to and maintain your goal weight.

When I got home, Dave had dinner waiting. We made a roast chicken with a rotisserie rub:

and a sweet potato and swiss chard dish.

After sauteeing sweet potato cubes in a bit of canola oil, we added chicken broth and let them simmer, covered, until they were soft. We removed them from the heat and tossed them in 1 tsp. honey, the juice of 1/2 a lemon, cinnamon, clove, salt and pepper. Then, we sauteed a few crushed garlic cloves in a bit more oil, then added swiss chard, cut into smaller pieeces. Once the chard wilted, we added it back to the sweet potato mixture and tossed well to coat.

My plate:

As always, the chicken was so tasty. Roast chicken is one of my favorite comfort foods. The sweet potato-swiss chard dish was kind of eh. I don’t know if I liked the lemon juice with the sweet potato, but I definitely liked the swiss chard! I had never had it before, but I will definitely be making it again. It’s kind of a cross between kale and spinach in texture, and tastes like kale. One thing I like about swiss chard and kale is that they don’t have the bitter taste that cooked spinach has. You should definitely give it a try! I will experiment with other recipes and will let you know how they are.

For dessert, I had a frozen banana (yes, I know this looks really weird…)

and a couple handfuls of grapes. I love crisp green grapes! They are definitely one of my top five fruits.

I was still craving something sweet, so I had a can of diet root beer. There was a point in the not-so-distant past that I was drinking 2-3 cans a day, not to mention iced tea and iced coffee. Now, I try to limit my non-water intake to coffee in the morning and at most one other non-water drink (iced coffee, soda, or iced tea) in the afternoon. I’m so proud of myself for weaning myself off of soda! Even still, I do enjoy the occasional soda pop 🙂

We’re watching the season premiere of House tonight. I love this show! Hugh Laurie is absolutely hysterical. Hope that you had a good Monday 🙂


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