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When?! September 20, 2010

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I have had an extraordinarily hard time getting back into the swing of things at school, with several long weekends and the Jewish holidays. This was my first two day weekend and I’m not happy about going back to school with so little down time! Even though I slept an inordinate amount this weekend (23 hours between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning!), I still don’t feel rejuvenated. When is this going to get easier?! I’m patiently awaiting getting reacclimated to my school schedule…

I still have an open can of pumpkin in my fridge, which I spent too much money on last week, so I’ve been thinking of ways to use it up before it goes bad. One thing I made last week was pumpkin pancakes, which were so good that I decided to make them again. Instead of using whole wheat flour, though, I used oatmeal instead and put it in the blender last night to get a similar consistency.

Cooked on a well-greased skilled over medium-heat.

Topped with pancake syrup and walnuts.

1/3 regular cupcake flavored coffee + 2/3 decaf Secret Dreams coffee, for good measure

Catch you later!


2 Responses to “When?!”

  1. Margee Says:

    Pumpkin soup is good. Chick broth, pumpkin, tad chili sauce w/garlic, curry, light coconut milk, lime juice and optional salt & cilantro.

    I’m having a time getting into my routine too. Patience

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