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A Bit Under the Weather September 27, 2010

Filed under: Exercise,Food — jessfindsbalance @ 8:09 pm

Good evening! I’m happy to report that I had a really good Monday. It’s good that I love my job; my kids this year are great and I’m starting to get (a little) into the curriculum. Today was also my first day helping out with the intramural cross country team! I’d had a bit of a stomach ache all day, and after taking a swig of some pepto bismol that I keep in my desk, was feeling well enough to head out to the track.

The fresh air was definitely good for me and I felt better almost instantly. I managed to run the 1.5 mile workout with them, finishing at the head of the pack in about 12 minutes. There are about 50 kids running with us and it’s so interesting to see how the kids interact outside the classroom. It was fun giving them some pointers on breathing and giving them encouragement throughout the run. I’m excited for Wednesday’s practice!

I’m also feeling much more on track with my eating. I’ve been doing a really good job honoring my hunger and satiety and know that it will get easier with each day. Along those lines, I decided that I was more in the mood for leftover kabocha squash with hummus and cereal for dinner instead of our planned salmon dinner. It’s OK, it just means that I have salmon to make a fun salad with later in the week!

Today’s workout was pretty light, so I’m excited to get back to the gym tomorrow for some running and pilates, mayhaps?


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