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Wiped Out October 3, 2010

Filed under: Exercise,Food — jessfindsbalance @ 4:43 pm

Hi everyone! How is your Sunday going? I’ve had a lovely day. It started off with spinning, lots of stretching and body pump at the gym. My legs are definitely sore from yesterday’s run, so I took it a bit easy during my workout. Even still, I find that to feel my best after a hard workout, I need to move my body. Otherwise, I get stiff and sore.

I picked my sister up from the subway after the gym and we ate lunch at my place. I dug into two different kinds of vegetarian stews that I had leftover: Indian spiced lentils with eggplant and spinach and squash, lentil and chickpea stew.

Then we were off to apple picking! We went to the same place Dave and I went last month. We got tons of Empire, Mutsu and Jonagold apples. I’m excited for applesauce, apple crisp and just plain ole apples!

I’m so beat from my day full of activities and yesterday’s run, so I’m hanging out on the couch watching South Pacific. I had seen it when I was in elementary school and when my Mom went to see it on Broadway, I knew that I wanted to see it again. I hope that you’re enjoying your Sunday afternoon!


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