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S.O.S. October 5, 2010

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I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. This week has been dragging along so. slowly. My kids have reverted back to 8 year olds (particularly the boys) and have been giving me quite the run for my money. Let’s just say that this long weekend can’t come fast enough!

Add to that a severe case of PMS this month. I’ve been stressed and tired, not to mention experiencing the weirdest appetite changes. I feel like I’ve lost all of the progress I made this summer. I’ve had such a bad week of being out of touch with my hunger and satiety cues, not to mention binges and overeating. Each morning I wake up saying to myself that today is the day I will get back on track, but the afternoons and evenings have been such a struggle for me.

I’m just hoping this blows over in the next couple days and healthy eating in moderation comes back. I know that finding a healthy way to deal with stress, anxiety, anger, etc. is going to be a lifelong journey, and is one on which I have made a lot of progress. Even still, I’m feeling really disheartened right now. But the only option is to keep waking up every day and making the little decisions that help get me back to feeling good about where I am with food.


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