Jess Finds Balance

My journey to finding a healthy balance with eating, exercise, and life in general

My Goals August 16, 2010

Eating Goals

I would like to be at a point where I am no longer afraid of food. I want to be able to eat something indulgent and be able to spend the rest of my day eating healthfully and normally, instead of eating until the point of feeling sick. I would like to have a better relationship with my body, and myself, where negative self-talk is a thing of the past. I want to find another outlet to deal with my emotions, other than eating. I want to get to the bottom of why I occasionally binge and to end it for good. If I could put my goals into two words, it would be these: “FIND BALANCE.” Looking back, I can see how far I’ve come from quitting the diet mentality and know that I’m on the right path to achieving my goals of healthy, balanced living.

Fitness Goals

I want to continually challenge my body in all ways. I recently started doing Body Pump, a strength training class, two to three times a week. I love that I’m always getting stronger and seeing the weight I lift increase. I also started running this past winter. This year, I completed my first 5K and 10K and am training for a half-marathon on November 14, 2010. I don’t know if a marathon is in my future, but I want to keep running races and continue building my speed. It’s so motivating to know that I am in the best shape of my life. I’m always amazed at what my body can do when I put my mind to it, and I want to continue to push my limits and challenge my body.

Balance in Life

I want to make time for my husband, family, friends, music, exercise, and myself. I think that this can be helped with finding ways to stay relaxed and centered, meaning that I am able to be in touch with my needs. I hope to make regularly make time for meditation, which calms and refocuses me. I want to be able to keep my stress and check and be grateful for all that I have around me.


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